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Alexander J. Lewis is an eDiscovery professional with over 15  years of experience in eDiscovery, known for strategic acumen and  expertise in legal technology. As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of  Kuro Group, he has advocating for  direct acquisition of legal technology and offering innovative  eDiscovery solutions to Law Firms, Legal Operations team, and the  Federal Government. With a Lean Six Sigma approach, he drives efficiency  and accuracy in all aspects of his work, ensuring great  deliverables and making our client’s look like rock stars.

Prior legal, Alex worked with public companies seeking funding and  listing on to major exchanges (NASDAQ/AMEX/NYSE) by introducing retail  and institutional investments. He worked directly with executive teams  and the board on debt restructuring,  product launches and reverse mergers.

Currently serving as Managing Partner and CEO of Kuro Group, he  co-founded Converse Data in 2021 to address handling modern data (i.e.  Slack, Teams, Cell Phones). Additionally, he contributes to The Masters  Conference as a Board Member, a prominent  educational platform in the legal industry. Alex holds Lean Six Sigma  Green Belt and Yellow Belt certifications, along with a range of  administrative credentials in legal technology.


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