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About The Masters

The Master's Conferences, a beacon of thought leadership and innovation, offers a unique convergence of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and unparalleled networking, presenting a strategic platform for participants and sponsors alike to shape and lead industry dialogues

About The Masters Conference

Master's Conferences stand as a beacon of thought leadership, eagerly anticipated by industry luminaries and innovators. It transcends the typical bounds of a conference, serving as a nexus of inspiration, knowledge sharing, and unparalleled networking opportunities. For participants, this event is not just an opportunity but a strategic platform to solidify their stance as a thought leader in the industry. Tailored sponsorship packages are meticulously co-crafted to align with your company's vision and objectives, offering a stage for engaging in thought-provoking panel discussions on relevant industry topics led by esteemed experts. Your involvement not only positions you at the forefront of critical industry dialogues but also amplifies your visibility and recognition as a pioneer in shaping future trends and ideas.

Our Mission

The Master's Conference is committed to being the premier platform for intellectual engagement and thought leadership in various industries. Our mission is to foster a dynamic environment where the brightest minds and influential leaders converge to exchange groundbreaking ideas, stimulate intellectual growth, and ignite transformative discussions. We aim to facilitate high-level networking and strategic collaborations, creating a space where expertise, innovation, and direct dialogue thrive. Through a blend of structured and informal activities, we provide our attendees with unparalleled opportunities for professional development, relationship building, and insightful exploration of the latest industry trends and challenges. The Master's Conference is dedicated to empowering attendees to not only expand their knowledge and networks but also to actively shape the future of their respective fields with the insights and connections they gain here.

Showcasing Industry Leaders

A Master’s Conference is fertile ground for nurturing thought leadership through the forging of invaluable partnerships and the fostering of insightful conversations that drive industries forward. It's an exclusive arena for your company to engage in proactive collaboration, addressing current challenges while targeting a laser-focused audience that resonates with your products and services. The Master's Conference distinguishes itself by providing an engaging, interactive format, facilitating unmatched access to top-level executives and fellow thought leaders. Here, you will find yourself amidst the most influential and innovative minds, offering a unique chance to showcase your expertise, expand your network, and elevate your reputation as an industry vanguard. The event(s) are tailored for impactful personal and professional growth, brand enhancement, and establishing your company as a beacon of knowledge and innovation.

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As a boutique event, a Master's Conference is meticulously co-curated and designed to offer an intimate yet expansive experience for industry leaders, fostering a community of collaboration and forward-thinking. Pivotal panel discussions with distinguished experts serve as the cornerstone of the event, spotlighting cutting-edge insights and collaborative initiatives. Your participation in this elite gathering is not just an engagement; it's an affirmation of your commitment to thought leadership and innovation. In this arena, you/your company will not only gain invaluable insights and exposure but will also firmly establish yourself as a leader dedicated to nurturing meaningful dialogue, collaboration, and visionary thinking. A Master's Conference is where thought leadership is not only celebrated but also cultivated, ensuring that your influence and insights resonate well beyond the conference, shaping the future of the industry.

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About Our Corp Advisory Board

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Job Title

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The Conference Advisory Board™ represents a collaborative summit of expert advisors who come together to meticulously craft each conference. This esteemed position is extended exclusively by invitation, underscoring its prestige. The board's mission is to co-create a sustainable conference framework, designed to captivate a highly specific and engaged audience.


Central to Master's thought leadership ethos, the Conference Advisory Board™ thrives in a supportive atmosphere, fostering a culture of open idea exchange. It's a hub for collaborative brainstorming, enhancing teamwork, spurring creativity, and fostering a sense of ownership that elevates our corporate ethos. The board values self-awareness, allowing members to step back gracefully when they can no longer contribute, with the door always open for their return.


Our business model champions the art of respectful collaboration, avoiding conflicts of interest and ensuring no member overshadows another. Accessibility and open communication are key, reflecting the core principles of our organizational culture.


As a board member, your role is pivotal in steering the Conference Advisory Board™ towards its strategic aims. Your contributions, whether through expertise, perspective, or resources, are vital.


Participating on the Conference Advisory Board™ unlocks unparalleled marketing opportunities and returns on investment, far exceeding traditional marketing avenues.


The benefits include:

  • Tailored Visibility for Your Personal and Corporate Brand

  • Direct, quality engagement with a custom-built audience, shaped by your team

  • Personal interactions with key influencers through various engaging formats


Potential members should be vetted for their network and relevance to the conference's theme. Recommendations from current team members are invaluable in this selection process. It's crucial to choose individuals who align with the conference's objectives and can actively contribute to its success.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of the Conference Advisory Board™. We encourage active participation and accountability.


Members should contribute time, skill, and persistence, with a system in place for graceful exits when necessary.


The Board's influence extends to:

  • Vendors and their networks

  • Balancing competing and non-competing vendors to create a diverse yet harmonious audience.

  • Leveraging networks of associates, colleagues, and even competitors to enrich the conference experience.


The Inherent Challenge - Balancing Speakers and Sponsors:


Your challenge as a board will be to balance the interests and contributions of these stakeholders. Speakers and sponsors might have different objectives – speakers focus on content and intellectual exchange, while sponsors might prioritize brand visibility and networking opportunities. It's important to align these interests without compromising the conference's core values and goals.


Remember, the successful integration of speakers and sponsors will not only enrich the conference experience but also establish a foundation for future collaborations and events. Your role as a planner involves not just logistical coordination but also strategic stakeholder management, ensuring that all parties feel valued and invested in the conference's success.

About Our Founder

The Late

Robert Childress III

Founder of The Master's Conference

Robert Childress was recognized as one of the 20 most influential people in the legal software industry. Mr. Childress held senior positions with several key technology corporations including LexisNexis, Thomson & Thomson, Elsevier Science, CXA, Inc., McGraw-Hill, Shepards, Wave Software, The Lawyer Charity Challenge, and The Master's Conference. While at LexisNexis, Childress managed product design and software sales for legal management software products for their government and legal markets. As the president of Wave Software, Childress has been the catalyst for the tremendous growth of the company, developing it into one of the leading legal technology companies in the industry. During his tenure, Childress has been awarded numerous government contracts from clients such as the FBI, CIA, White House, and Homeland Security which have bolstered the company’s already elite portfolio of clients. He was also awarded the 2004/2005 National Register Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals and the 2005 Small Businessman of the Year among.

Robert was born October 12, 1972, in Joliet, Illinois, and attended the University of Colorado. He was the winner of the Florida Small Businessman of the Year award in 2005. Robert was a pioneer in the legal technology industry, first as the co-founder of Wave Software, where he won the 2008 Socha-Gelbmann Top Provider award, later achieved LTN “Presidents Corner” and won the “IT Florida” award in 2009, plus multiple LTN Awards over the years. He was the President and Founder of CXA, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of The Lawyer Charity Challenge, and Founder of the Lawyer Invitational. Robert served on many advisory boards, including ACEDS, LTPI, and as an advisor for Legal Tech.

Robert was a fan of soccer, paintball, and snorkeling in the Florida Keys. He was also a loving father who enjoyed coaching soccer and planning extravagant Halloween festivities. An avid sci-fi fan, who loved watching Dr. Who, Star Wars, and Battlestar Galactica. Robert is survived by 3 children and will be dearly missed.

Robert has requested that donations be made to Children’s Cancer Research Fund and Children’s Burn Foundation.

Mr Childress will definitely be missed by The Masters Conference Team, all of his friends, and family. RIP Mr Childress

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