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The Master’s Conference Announces an additional conference in Charlotte, NC

Washington DC, August 17, 2023 – Today, The Master’s Conference announces an additional conference to the 2023 schedule in Charlotte, NC. The conference will be held in the offices of Robinson Bradshaw on Thursday, December 7, 2023. The Master's is the leading legal technology conference that brings together industry experts to share knowledge and explore topics and solutions tailored specifically to their everyday challenges.

Adam Wehler, Director of Practice Support at Robinson Bradshaw stated, “We are looking forward to hosting The Masters Conference at Robinson Bradshaw in Charlotte. Understanding and collaborating on challenges facing the legal technology industry has never been more important than it is today. The Masters Conference brings together legal technology leaders and provides an opportunity for thoughtful discussion and networking.”

“We are so proud of our speakers, sponsors, and attendees with their commitment to teaching evolving best practices in the legal industry since 2006. Discovery, cybersecurity, information governance, artificial intelligence, and many other legal issues are constantly changing internationally, nationally, and regionally, so brining the conferences to many cities around the world has greatly benefited our communities at the local level,” shared Kevin M. Clark, Director at The Master’s Conference.

About The Master’s Conference

In 2023 The Master’s Conference will be celebrating its 17th year. Founded in 2006, The Master's Conference is a boutique thought leadership forum where a select group of speakers, vendors, and attendees convene to engage in a proactive collaboration on current challenges within the legal space. This includes such areas as eDiscovery, artificial intelligence, information governance, legal project management, forensics and investigations, data governance, knowledge management, cybersecurity and data breaches, and other current trending topics.


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